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Judy Cole, CSB

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Judy Cole, CSB

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  • Where: Rochester, Michigan
  • When: Summer


  • Where: Rochester, Michigan
  • When: Fall

My greatest joy has been found in healing, and helping others discover the freedom that only God can give. To know that you are truly loved – never forsaken nor helpless – brings an unspeakable peace like no other. I became a teacher to share this living truth that will further the words and works of Christ Jesus.


I grew-up keenly aware of other’s sadness and suffering. Studying the Bible and Mrs. Eddy’s writings, and learning of God’s ever-present love and the power of prayer, how could I not share it? So, driven by my love for God and deepest yearning to help others find the lasting joy and healing I was discovering, I’ve maintained an active public practice as a Christian Science practitioner since I was 17.


All the good I’ve experienced in my life – including in my work as a teacher, a youth corrections counselor, in businesses – has been through utilizing God’s impartial, universal law of good, revealed in Christian Science. I enjoy serving as a member of my local branch church and writing for the Church's periodicals. 


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