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Judy Cole, CSB

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Judy Cole, CSB

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  • Where: Rochester, Michigan
  • When: Summer


  • Where: Rochester, Michigan
  • When: Spring

My greatest joy and satisfaction have been found in healing, and helping others discover the freedom that only God can give. To know that you are truly loved, never forsaken nor helpless no matter what, brings an unspeakable peace and joy like no other. I became a teacher to share this living truth with others that will further the words and works of Christ Jesus.

I grew-up keenly aware of other’s sadness and suffering. Studying the Bible and Mrs. Eddy’s writings, and learning of God’s ever-present love and the power of prayer in a Christian Science Sunday School, how could I not share it and use it to help others find the lasting joy and healing I was discovering? So, driven by my love for God and deepest yearning to help others, I’ve maintained an active public practice as a Christian Science practitioner since I was 17.

All the good I’ve experienced in my life – including in my work as a teacher, a youth corrections counselor, in sales and management in technology businesses – has been through utilizing God’s impartial, universal law of good, revealed in Christian Science.

I’m an active member of a branch church, enjoy writing for the Church’s periodicals, and am a wife, step-mom, grandma, and aunt (three of the little ones call me “Juju”).

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