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Lois Herr, CSB

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Lois Herr, CSB

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  • Where: Arlington, Virginia
  • When: October


  • Where: Arlington, Virginia
  • When: Usually in October

In high school I struggled with a painful disease that examining physicians said had no cure. Through Christian Science I was healed within two weeks.

Ever since, my desire has been to know more about God, the healing practice of Christian Science, and to be of service.

My study and prayer led me into college and then into Christian Science nursing. I loved it--both its challenges and its triumphs! Patients and colleagues taught me much. I also came to rely on God's loving care for all His children. My work included the joys of the give and take of teaching in the classroom, on the nursing floor and as Director of a Christian Science Nursing School.

I've explored management and business "through the lens of Science" as a Christian Science Nursing Director in England and later as Executive Director of a C.S. nursing facility in the U.S.

My six years in England introduced me to our wonderful multi-cultural world.

Travel took me to Europe, Israel, Egypt and Africa. Highlights included the people, cultures, museums, scuba diving and skiing.

During the last five years, wanting to share Christian Science with those who speak Spanish, I've taken Spanish at our local community college and a school in Mexico.

In 1979 I began advertising in the Journal as a Christian Science nurse. In 2005, after several years of part-time practice, I changed my listing to Christian Science practitioner. Now, having taken Normal class in 2009, I am able to teach this amazing Science.

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