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John M. Tyler, CSB

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John M. Tyler, CSB

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  • Where: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • When: Usually in July


  • Where: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • When: Usually in October

I learned of Christian Science in my middle teens. Our family came to it through a “miraculous” healing of a relative. I tested it, and was amazed at the consistent results. The Science proved to be genuinely scientific. Its practice became the basis of my studies and early career.

That career took some radically different zigs and zags. From research director at an international relations and mediation institute in Italy, to labor organizer in New England, to foundation director, to university professor, to peace and civil rights activist, to founding an anti-racism project which was the basis of the YWCA “Social Justice Award”. The focus, the common denominator of these careers, was solving problems.

In retrospect it seems just natural that I would end up in the practice of Christian Science, working at a more fundamental level to solve problems. At the time I made the decision – I’ll admit – it seemed like a risk. Now I couldn’t imagine it any other way. It was like coming home, at last. 

Leaving university teaching was my biggest regret. But then, after several years in the full-time practice, in 1979 I came back to teaching – this time teaching the Science of the Christ.

Bringing Science to the public has been a key interest of mine: from developing a mobile Reading Room, to lecturing, to writing – and especially healing.

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