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Rosalind Childs Fogg, CSB

  • English
Rosalind Childs Fogg, CSB

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  • Where: St. Louis, Missouri area
  • When: Usually June – September


  • Where: St. Louis, Missouri
  • When: Early November

While working in television in New York City, after college and studying/traveling in Europe and Africa, I was awakened to a keen desire to really know myself spiritually and to be more a part of Church’s healing mission.

Primary class instruction transformed my life. Working for The Mother Church, in Boston, enhanced my appreciation of Church. Communing with God led me to obediently and faithfully begin publicly practicing Christian Science, and I have been gratefully healing others for over 35 years. My prayers led me to St. Louis and to become a Christian Science teacher in 1991–to share more broadly God’s law of cause and effect for everyone.

Travel on six continents has broadened my appreciation of our world and my desire to see its challenges met through the leaven of Truth–the application of divine Science. Serving as First Reader in Mary Baker Eddy’s church in Concord. New Hampshire, and working with Christian Science organizations at colleges/universities were rewarding opportunities to more fully value and further Church’s mission.

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