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Edwina Aubin, CSB

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Edwina Aubin, CSB

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  • Where: Brisbane, Queensland
  • When: October


  • Where: Brisbane, Queensland
  • When: July

In my early teens I devoted myself to God and a Christian way of life. My dad’s deep desire to understand God encouraged me to search for answers regardless of denomination, and this led me to Christian Science in my late twenties. Although the study of Christian Science challenged my former understanding, I stuck with it because inherently I knew it was true.  


After completing school, my desire to help people led to a medically oriented career. However, on finding Christian Science and committing to it, God graciously opened the way to an academic career, moving me out of the clinical setting. Some years later and shortly after taking Primary class instruction, a new academic pathway opened, removing me entirely from the medical field. Academia challenged my personal sense of limited capability. Through my study of Christian Science, the understanding of each one’s source of ability and intelligence as being in God, enabled me to succeed in this work.


My never-waning desire to support others find comfort and healing led me to take up the public practice of healing in 2014. This was followed by a deep desire to share the means by which to heal consistently and scientifically, and so my step to take Normal class in 2018.


I live in the southeastern corner of Queensland, with Brisbane and Gold Coast equally accessible. Two of my four children live close by.

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