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Lesley E. Gort, CSB

  • English
Lesley E. Gort, CSB

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  • Where: Stockport, Greater Manchester
  • When: Last week of July


  • Where: Stockport, Greater Manchester
  • When: Usually 3rd weekend in September

In common with many people, I am sure, the two most important things to me are my family and my faith. In fact, I can say that I would not have one without the other, since they came to me about the same time and were very much connected.

Seeking help after a succession of three miscarriages, I came across the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered Christian Science. A whole new, more spiritual perspective on life began to open up to me, and I learned that healing through prayer is as possible now as in Jesus’ day. The trouble-free birth of a son took place about a year after I first looked into Science and Health, and then I had two more sons. I now have two lovely granddaughters as well. Family and faith came together and grew together.

Gratitude for my healing and many others my children and I experienced through prayer in Christian Science fueled my desire to help others in the same way. My work as a French teacher was exchanged for the full-time practice of Christian Science in 1990, and I became a teacher of Christian Science in 2003. Travelling Britain and Europe for eleven years lecturing on Christian Science in English and French, was a joy.

My husband and I live in northwest England, in Greater Manchester, and love our holiday cottage in the North Yorkshire moors.

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