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Juliane Klein, CSB

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  • Where: Berlin
  • When: Summer


  • Where: Berlin
  • When: March

To get to the bottom of events, to know how something really is: that has motivated me since my childhood, to ask questions.

Quite early, I found answers in music, while playing the piano and composing; tones, sounds, and rhythms opened great, wonderful spaces.

After studying music, I received as a composer orders from prestigious opera houses, festivals and broadcasters, and I founded a publishing house for contemporary music.

In 1995 I started to read intensively Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy to explore the universal healing system of Christian Science. An all-changing event was my participation in class instruction of Christian Science. Then it became clear: salvation from all evil is possible, and it is as possible to heal as it was in Bible times. Since 2009, I have experienced in my Christian Science practice spontaneous healings, stabilization of health and inspired solutions for a fulfilled life. Consistent reasoning combined with loyalty, courage and humility guided my way.

In 2011 I was appointed to the Christian Science Board of Lectureship and in 2015 I took part at Normal class.

Sincerely turning to God as divine Principle and omnipotent Love provides an infinitely precious, productive and deeply individual moment in people’s lives. As a teacher of Christian Science, I will pray to put such an important moment on a solid platform, encouraging the spiritual potential of my students and helping support the healing practice of Christian Science for all mankind.


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