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Cynthia Lee Clague, CSB

  • English
Cynthia Lee Clague, CSB

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  • Where: Eugene, Oregon
  • When: TBA


  • Where: Eugene, Oregon
  • When: September

Christian Science came into my family when Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy healed two of my great grandmothers of incurable diseases. Faithful teachers in Sunday School taught me to love the Bible and to practice its teachings. I studied music, met my beloved husband, and took Christian Science Primary class while in college. All three have greatly enriched my life. After college, I taught and sang choral music for a number of years. In response to requests, I began a modest Christian Science practice while raising our two sons, gradually working into full-time Journal-listing in 1998. Drawn to active church work, I love its promise of a community built on solid lives of service, enlisted to lessen discord and benefit the world. Wanting to expand my healing work and share the freedom of Christian Science with others, I took Normal class in 2012. My experience proves that the smallest drop of rain can do something to refresh the earth, especially as that drop finds its oneness with the ocean of God’s love. Each of you has something pure and good to contribute to this replenishing work too!

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