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T. Michael Fish, CSB

  • English
T. Michael Fish, CSB

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  • Where: Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia
  • When: Summer or Fall


  • Where: Northern Virginia
  • When: Summer

I grew up on a farm in Indiana and at age eight witnessed my mom healed instantaneously while talking to a practitioner on the phone. I knew then I wanted to be a Christian Science practitioner.

I joined the branch church at age 12 and was teaching Sunday School at age 20. I started receiving calls for healing while a member of the Christian Science Organization at College. In 1972 I had Primary class instruction. My wife’s healing of an incurable disease after we were married ignited my commitment to give my life to whatever God asked me to do.

During my career with Naval Air Systems Command, the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy were always on my desk as my guide. I kept asking myself: my life has been so harmonious in all ways because of Christian Science and God’s dear love for me, what is the most important work I could do for God, and my family? I left the Command in 2003 to enter the full-time practice of Christian Science. In all I’ve accomplished, there is nothing more rewarding than to watch Truth and Love heal. You learn God’s love every day in the practice. My desire to do God’s will led me to take Normal class in 2012, in order to become a teacher of Christian Science.


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