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William Moody, CSB

  • English
William Moody, CSB

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  • Where: Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
  • When: Usually in June or November


  • Where: New Orleans, Louisana
  • When: Usually in October

A used copy of Science and Health, purchased for ten cents at a book fair, was shared with me by a friend while I was a student at Tulane University. At the time, I was struggling to gain a sense of direction and purpose in my life. This remarkable book answered so many of my questions about God and what life’s purpose truly is that I soon began attending local church services in New Orleans. The warm embrace of the church members and the patient guidance from two practitioners helped me on my spiritual journey and brought wonderful healing and personal growth.

After becoming a member of a branch church, I was elected First Reader, and then soon felt God’s gentle leading to enter the public healing practice of Christian Science. I became a teacher in 1979, and also served as Committee on Publication for Louisiana before moving to Boston to take a position as Associate Editor of the Christian Science religious magazines.  Later, I had the opportunity to serve as Assistant Manager of Committees on Publication, Clerk of The Mother Church, Editor of the periodicals, President, and Second Reader of The Mother Church.

I live with my wife in an area where we enjoy beautiful hikes through the woods and along the seacoast with our dog Sadie. Paddling our canoe at sunrise is a special joy.

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