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Deborah Appleton Huebsch, CSB

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Deborah Appleton Huebsch, CSB

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  • Where: San Juan Capistrano, California
  • When: Usually in summer


  • Where: Corona del Mar, California
  • When: First Saturday of October

When I was 21 I found myself in desperate straits. I was practically failing college, was addicted to drugs, in a bad marriage, alienated from any family and was on the verge of a serious mental breakdown. At that time, suicide seemed the only answer. The director of a ballet company, to which I belonged, saw my distress and offered me Science and Health. As I read the book, gradually everything in my life changed. The drugs dropped away, the marriage ended in divorce, I regained my mental health, and then went back to finish my B.A. degree at the University of California, Berkeley.

After getting an M.A. degree from the University of Oregon, I stayed on the faculty for a year. Then, because I was so grateful for what Christian Science had done for me, I went to work for The Mother Church. I was in the College Organization Division, doing a two-year stint as Regional Assistant in the Southeast. I then became Journal-listed in 1972. After four more years in Boston, serving as Youth Activities Coordinator, I moved, with my husband, to Southern California.

I was accepted for Normal class in 1982. Shortly after that, I was appointed to the Board of Lectureship, on which I served for seven years.

As a result of my years of striving to understand God better, and to serve Him with my whole heart, I’ve been very blessed. God’s been good to me and I am committed to witnessing the blessings this Science offers the world.

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