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Jan Keeler Vincent, CSB

  • English
Jan Keeler Vincent, CSB

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  • Where: Austin, Texas
  • When: Variable according to students’ needs


  • Where: Austin, Texas
  • When: May

When I was a teenager, my family moved to a small West Texas town. There, I met a family who were students of Christian Science. They patiently shared with me their understanding of God. Their answers made so much sense and I began to feel “at home with God.” I began to glimpse the spiritual nature of being and to trust that God’s will for me was actually good. He loves me! And all of us! All the mystery about God was replaced with Mary Baker Eddy’s explanation of a logical, systematic Science. 

While I was at college, my dad was diagnosed as having a brain tumor. I called a practitioner to pray. The day Dad was scheduled to have surgery, the tumor was gone. The neurosurgeon at Mayo’s clinic told my mother to, “Thank God. This was a miracle.” In that moment, I knew that Christian Science was practical and provable.

After graduation, it was time for class instruction. However, my boss told me that in order to take off work for two consecutive weeks, I would have to quit my job. So, I did. Best decision I ever made. Immediately after class, I moved to Boston, rented a practitioner’s office on Saturdays, worked at The Mother Church, finished graduate school, and became a Journal-advertising practitioner in 1983. Divine Love has blessed me with an expanding family that brings daily joys to my life.

I went through Normal class in 2012.  What a privilege it is to support students on their spiritual journey!


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