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Richard Hunt Evans, CSB

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Richard Hunt Evans, CSB

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  • Where: Arizona


  • Where: Arizona
  • When: March

Raised in Maryland, Ohio, and Michigan, I graduated from public school and attended Principia College, earning a BA in English.  I had a foundational healing of malaria while serving in the US Peace Corps in Palawan, Philippines, following graduation.  On return, I earned my law degree from Washington University.  The majority of my law and business career was with AT&T.  I was transitioned into various general management positions, many with international responsibilities, including President of the Asia/Pacific region, based in Hong Kong.  All of these experiences confirmed for me the universality of divine Love.  After completing my corporate career, I entered into the full-time practice of Christian Science and, in order to share this healing truth with others, became a teacher of Christian Science in December 2009.

My church work began in my school years, joining a branch and The Mother Church. In college, in Kansas City, and in Scottsdale, I was given the opportunity to serve as First Reader. To my great benefit and learning, I am not aware of a church assignment I have not experienced in one or more of the branches where I have been a member. Having worked as Committee on Publication for Arizona and Manager of Committees worldwide, I am now a member of the Board of Directors of The Mother Church.

My wife, Blythe, and I enjoy a combined family of ten children and all the good that comes with that.

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