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Julie Anne Ward, CSB

  • English
Julie Anne Ward, CSB

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  • Where: Atlanta, Georgia area
  • When: Usually in July


  • Where: Atlanta, Georgia area
  • When: Usually in April

I’m blessed that two of the great loves of my life – teaching and Christian Science – come together in what constitutes, for me, a perfect lifework. As a little girl, I loved Mrs. Eddy’s teachings and the Christian Science Sunday School. As a teen-ager, I had several significant healings. When I turned twenty, it seemed natural to start teaching Sunday School. Since then, I’ve taught -- and learned from -- every class, from the littlest ones to college students. 

I majored in English at Georgia State University, but my real passion was dance. I worked in Atlanta, performing, doing choreography, and of course, teaching! Later I realized that the qualities I expressed in dance - discipline, commitment, unselfishness - had actually been leading me to the public practice of Christian Science.

My husband and I had a deep desire to have children, and as I prayed daily about this, friends began to ask me to pray with them about their growing families. I became a Journal-listed practitioner in 1986. About that time, we adopted our son and daughter. In 1999, our family moved from Atlanta to Boston.

Just as I had felt drawn to teach dance and Sunday School, I now wanted to teach what had come to mean the most to me --the practice of Christian Science. In 2006, I became teacher of Christian Science, and we returned to Atlanta. In 2010, I was appointed by the Christian Science Board of Lectureship as a Youth Lecturer.

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