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José Rodríguez Peláez, CSB

José Rodríguez Peláez, CSB

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  • Where: Alhaurín el Grande
  • When: October


  • Where: Alhaurín el Grande
  • When: April

I grew up in Malaga, Spain. My desire to serve others led me to join the Society of Jesus where I was an ordained priest. For many years I worked in the university as rector and theology professor. I also worked as parish priest helping the gypsy community, the homeless, immigrants, and drug addicts.  I always thought of God as my “daddy,” but the more I deepened my biblical studies the more I realized that the ecclesiastical institution had buried the evangelical message under material superstructures.  To be consistent  with my conscience I was forced -not without pain- to leave the priesthood and resign my church membership.  I then started working as a psychologist and naturopathic doctor.  Later I met my wife.

I accepted Christian Science in May 2000, when after reading the first line of the Preface of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures  by Mary Baker Eddy, I was instantly healed of a severe depression.  I recognized in that book the gospel I had always yearned for.

Months later, my wife’s "miraculous" healing  exclusively through Christian Science led me to devote my life to the public practice.  I had to be consistent!  This was the best way of helping others!

Since then, my wife and I have become proclaimers of this wonderful  news. Constant prayer that there be authorized teachers that would teach Christian Science in my country led me to apply, and be accepted, to the 2012 Normal class.



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