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Beverley Beddoes-Mills, CSB

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Beverley Beddoes-Mills, CSB

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  • Where: Sydney, New South Wales
  • When: Last two weeks in October


  • Where: Sydney, New South Wales
  • When: Third Saturday in August

Christian Science has been the bedrock of my life since childhood. My mother was introduced to Christian Science before I was born and through her dedication to its teachings our family witnessed many healings.

My spiritual education began with attendance at Sunday School and has continued through membership in branch churches. This membership has been an invaluable guide on my spiritual journey, as it has provided me with opportunities to learn and grow as a Christian Scientist.

Class instruction was a turning point in my life, and two weeks after this class I was called upon to give a Christian Science treatment. The quick healing that followed encouraged me to devote my life to follow the Christ in the healing work.

I began advertising in The Christian Science Journal as a practitioner in 1977, and eight years later I attended the 1985 Normal class. I have served The Mother Church as a member of the Board of Lectureship, Trustee of Trust Australia, and Committee on Publication for New South Wales. I have written articles for The Christian Science Monitor as well as the Christian Science Sentinel and Journal.

I have a son, a daughter and two grandchildren. Living in the Blue Mountains, 100 kilometres west of Sydney, provides many opportunities to bushwalk with my grandchildren and to enjoy the beauty of this World Heritage environment.

I commute regularly between the mountains and Sydney to meet with students and patients.

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