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Yvonne Joy Prinsloo, CSB

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Yvonne Joy Prinsloo, CSB

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  • Where: Johannesburg
  • When: October

Christian Science is a way of life to me. As a third-generation Christian Scientist I experienced many healings when I was growing up, but it was only when I was a University student in South Africa and a member of the Christian Science College Organisation that I discovered its practicality and effectiveness.

Christian Science taught me how--how to understand God and my relationship to Him, how to understand the Bible, how Jesus healed, how to find comfort, peace and freedom, how to be an independent thinker, how to love, and most of all, how to recognise and love the goodness, equality and individuality of all people.

Because of the peace and freedom I gained through its study, I had a deep desire to help others just as I had been helped and so, soon after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, I took Primary class Instruction.  This enabled me to enter the public healing practice, and in 1997 I became Journal-listed.

I learned valuable lessons when serving The Mother Church on the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, The Christian Science Monitor Co-ordinating Team, at the Africa Youth Meeting in 1990 and as the Christian Science College Organisation Representative. The desire to help others continues, and in 2015 I had the privilege of taking Normal class.

I love being a wife, mother and grandmother. I have travelled extensively and now cherish my time on the farm in South Africa, where rare wild animals are bred.



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