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Doris Ulich, CSB

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  • Where: Bamberg


  • Where: Bamberg

The red thread in my life is creative order. It's in music (which I taught and performed for about 10 years), it was crucial in the tearoom my husband and I ran for five years. It's one of the structural elements of Christian Science I'm so happy to work with in the best work ever - the healing Christian Science practice. Both of my grandmothers were given Mary Baker Eddy’s book Science and Health with Key to the Scripturesat a needed time. In my teenager times, I questioned very much what I had learned through it and also in Sunday School. The response I always heard within me was very short: "It's true." No further arguing possible! Knowing, trusting and experiencing this law of true order at one with divine Love is a gift, a privilege, is always creative and new, and my heart wants to contribute to making this universal divine Science more available and palpable to the world.

I'm grateful for being a member in a worldwide church. By that I mean that I'm connected with The Mother Church as well as with the various activities where I have served in this loving, healing Church.

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