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Joni Overton-Jung, CSB

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Joni Overton-Jung, CSB

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  • Where: Port Hope, Ontario
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  • Where: Toronto, Ontario
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The hunger for all things true has been the heart of my search, quest, and practice of Christian Science healing. I have found no other teaching that gets to the crux of it: 

  • Why Christ Jesus was so confident that we too could and would follow in his footsteps.
  • That nothing can keep us from knowing the joy, peace, freedom and power that comes from our oneness with God. 
  • And how this oneness propels light and healing for the world. 
Taking Christian Science class instruction has been the most pivotal experience of my life -- and it continues to fuel my quest for spiritual progress and healing. It is a great joy to share this experience through teaching -- to nurture and witness the transformative and healing impact of spiritual discovery. 


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