Available internships

Application Deadline for Summer Internships is February 18, 2020

Read and review the available internships for Summer 2020 below.

To apply, fill out the online application and email us your resume and a cover letter at tmcyouthintern@christianscience.com.

The 2020 summer internship program will run 11 weeks, from May 26-August 7.


Please contact the TMCYouth team:

1-800-288-7090 ext. 3700 (toll-free)

TMC Youth – Interns
The First Church of Christ, Scientist
210 Massachusetts Avenue P06-10
Boston, Massachusetts, 02115-3195 USA

Internship categories:

Church Mission

Church Activities Internship

Get ready to participate in The Mother Church's support of churches and societies, informal groups, CSOs, Sunday Schools, Reading Rooms, etc.

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Christian Science Practitioner Activities

Support the Christian Science healing practice throughout the world with the Christian Science Practitioner Activities Department.

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Business & Marketing

Marketing and Communications Internship

Learn about marketing, product development, and business with The Office of the Publisher's Agent, the department responsible for the publication and sale of Mary Baker Eddy's writings. 


Digital Promotions Internship

Discover effective ways of communicating to an online audience using videos, graphics, and/or art in a digital marketing internship with The Christian Science Monitor.


General Publications Marketing & Product Development Internship

Discover effective ways to apply all aspects of marketing and product management for all of the products sold in Reading Rooms that aren’t Mary Baker Eddy’s writings or the periodicals. 


Community Outreach

Plaza Activities Internship

Learn how to The Mother Church Plaza uses a variety of activities, signs, tours and other forms of content to offer our guests a thought-changing experience.

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Community Relations Internship

Help the Community Relations Liaison build relationships between TMC and leaders in Boston's business, art, government, education, nonprofit, and religious communities.

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Media and Design

Graphic Design Internship

This opportunity will allow you to learn how the organization creates print and digital products, marketing, and collateral.

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Broadcasting & Multimedia Production

Get hands-on experience in audio and video production through an internship with the Broadcasting & Multimedia Production Services.

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Customer Care & User Experience Research

Learn and implement best practices to provide a high level of customer service and conduct user experience research

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Editorial & Publishing

Editorial and Publishing Internship

Learn about digital and web publishing at an internship at JSH-Online in The Christian Science Publishing Society.

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Herald Internship

Learn the skills involved in producing Herald magazines published in 14 languages: how they operate from concept to design to online posting. 

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GoVerse and Daily Lift

Learn about two of the Church's youth-friendly products and find out what it takes behind the scenes to deliver bite-sized content that has a big impact

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Newsroom Editorial Internship

Get an inside look at various aspects of The Christian Science Monitor both as a writer and editor.

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International Service

Outreach and Project Management Internship

Learn to apply project management skills and coordinate outreach to international Church members.


Outreach Internship: French and/or Spanish Language

Learn about TMC's activities around the world and contribute to its healing work through an internship with the International Service Department.

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Translations Internship

Work with the Office of Language Services to get a behind-the-scenes look at all that is involved in translating a document and how different cultures affect the results.

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Library Science

Records Management Internship

Join the Office of Records Management and Mary Baker Eddy Library teams and learn about a wide range of archival techniques, from processing records and collections to updating existing database records and making them more searchable.

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Archival Research Internship

Learn the skills involved in Research & Reference Services at The Mary Baker Eddy Library.

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Special Collections Internship

Help support the history and mission of The First Church of Christ, Scientist (TFCCS) by engaging with historical and organizational records at The Mother Church.

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