Available internships

Application Deadline for Summer Internships is February 7, 2022

Read and review the available internships for Summer 2022 below.

To apply, fill out the online application, which includes an option to attach your resume and a cover letter. Or email them to us at tmcyouthintern@christianscience.com.

The 2022 summer internship program will run 11 weeks, from May 31-August 12.


Please contact the TMCYouth team:

Internship categories:

Broadcasting and Multimedia

Broadcast and Multimedia Internship

The Broadcast and Multimedia Production Services group produces audio and video messages and products for the Church and The Christian Science Publishing Society.  This internship works with the Multimedia staff in all phases of the production and post-production processes; including planning, acquisition, editing, mastering, archiving and webcasting.

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Broadcasting and media production internship for The Mary Baker Eddy Library

Learn about and develop skills in broadcasting and program development with The Mary Baker Eddy Library. This internship will be heavily involved with all aspects of the planning, coordination, production, and promotion of the Library’s monthly podcast, Seekers and Scholars.

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Sentinel Watch and The Christian Science Daily Lift Podcasts Internship

We’re looking for a podcast savvy intern who will not only gain solid production and editing skills, but who will also support innovation by bringing creative ideas to our production team.

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Community Engagement

Community Relations Internship

Learn about how The Mother Church is building meaningful relationships with its local Boston community.

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Plaza Activities Host Internship

Gain practical experience in communication, hospitality, and public relations as an intern with the Plaza Activities team!

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Editorial and Publishing

Editorial and Publishing Internship for The Herald of Christian Science

Get a behind-the-scenes look at The Herald of Christian Science, a group of magazines published in 14 languages: how they operate from concept to design to online posting. 

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The Christian Science Monitor Editorial Internship

Get an inside look at various aspects of The Christian Science Monitor both as a writer and editor.

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Editorial and Publishing Internship for JSH

In this internship, you’ll learn about the JSH editorial and publishing process. You’ll see firsthand what happens behind the scenes in editing and publishing the content of the periodicals.

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Information Technology

Vendor Management Internship

The Vendor Management team works closely with all departments of The Mother Church, so you’ll see how business, technology, finance, and legal requirements come together to inform important business decisions.

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Library Science

Archival Research Internship

As part of our team of professional researchers and archivists, you’ll support The Mary Baker Eddy Library’s efforts to provide access to original historical materials and answer research questions for people around the world

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Records Management Internship

If you are thinking about a career in archival or records management, this internship is designed for you! You will be exposed to a wide range of archival and records management tasks, from processing records and collections to assisting with an ongoing project to assess and digitize analog recordings.

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Product Development

CSPS Manager’s Office Publishing Internship

Join the Christian Science Publishing Society (CSPS) Manager’s Office to prayerfully-support and think through digital solutions and innovations in support of products published by the CSPS.


Product Development and Management Internship

This internship offers an in-depth look at product management, and the opportunity to be part of a dynamic team overseeing a diverse product line and developing and marketing new products.

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Publishing and Communications Internship for The Office of the Publisher’s Agent

Learn about marketing, product development, and business with The Office of the Publisher's Agent, the department responsible for the publication and sale of Mary Baker Eddy's writings.

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Project Management and Event Planning

Project Management and Event Planning Internship

Gain experience in project management to plan events and help support church communities around the world.

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Translation Services

Language Services Internship

Get a behind-the-scenes look at all that is involved in helping The Mother Church communicate with the non-English speaking world.

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