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Join us for church services, Sentinel audio chats, webcasts from The Mary Baker Eddy Library, the Annual Meeting of The Mother Church, and more.

Online Sunday Service


Join the Sunday service at The Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Online Wednesday Service


Participate in a weekly testimony meeting with people around the world. Hear others share insights, experiences, and healings they’ve had through their prayer and practice of Christian Science.

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College summit

Aug 10, 2018


The College Summit is an event for all university students, faculty, instructors, and recent graduates. High school students may also attend. It is an opportunity to make new friends, get inspired, and explore ways to support the Cause of Christian Science and get involved in this global movement. This year we’re coming together to explore how Truth — as explained in Christian Science — is transforming the world today.

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Sentinel Watch

Aug 6, 2018


Beyond any label - God’s beloved child—with Catherine Scott, Margaret Powell, and Virginia Gathings

We’re probably no worse today than in previous years at giving in to the temptation to attach labels to others—especially to those we don’t know firsthand. What is different nowadays is just how rapidly those labels can circulate and how long they can stick. But are we doomed to being defined by labels that have become attached to us, whether in our own thinking or in the thoughts of others? 

As our contributors to this program have all proved, that doesn’t need to be the case. They share their stories of how they have seen unwanted labels overturned through a prayerful and persistent understanding of the one thing we all share: We are the loved children of God.

We hope you’ll feel even more inspired than ever to see yourself and your neighbors near and far in this way, from listening to this edition of Sentinel Watch.

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Seekers and Scholars monthly podcast from The Mary Baker Eddy Library

Aug 1, 2018


Episode 17: Media, religion, and the public scholar

This episode explores how the media interacts with scholars to explain faith’s role in contemporary culture.

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