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Join the Sunday service at The Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Participate in a weekly testimony meeting with people around the world. Hear others share insights, experiences, and healings they’ve had through their prayer and practice of Christian Science.

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Sentinel Watch

Mar 12, 2018


God guides every event of our careers—with Kim Walker and Heidi Snow

Our careers can range from employee to employer; from freelance to salaried; from working in business, the arts, or as a homemaker; from traveling the world to working from home. And over the course of our careers it can even be a case of juggling all of the above! So who wouldn’t want a helping hand to make wise and inspired career decisions, for our own sakes and for the sake of all upon whose lives our choices have an impact.

Our guests today explain how God’s guidance has been key to making the right choices, and it’s that spiritual approach, which is open to us all, that we explore on this edition of Sentinel Watch.

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Seekers and Scholars monthly podcast from The Mary Baker Eddy Library

Feb 15, 2018


Episode 12: Discover how the ideals of Violet Oakley fueled her trailblazing life and career as one of America’s most important twentieth-century artists.

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