Online Wednesday testimony meeting

Jul 8, 2020

Online Wednesday testimony meeting

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Join our global online congregation live every Wednesday at 2 pm. Eastern time. An audio replay is available within thirty minutes after the meeting ends until Friday at 8 am Eastern time.

At Wednesday testimony meetings, you’ll hear hymns and readings specially selected for the day from the Christian Science Pastor—the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. You’ll also hear testimonies of healing and comments about Christian Science submitted by listeners. An online church lobby is open for 10 minutes after each meeting.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Moji George, First Reader
Bryan Ashley, Organist


Invocation, by Alexandre Guilmant
Adagio (from Organ Symphony No. 1), by Charles-Marie Widor

Hymn 29

Florence L. Heywood, words
Henry Smart, music

Breaking through the clouds of darkness,
Black with error, doubt, and fear;
Lighting up each somber shadow,
With a radiance soft and clear;
Filling every heart with gladness,
That its holy power feels,
Comes the Christian Science gospel,
Sin it kills and grief it heals.

Christlike in its benedictions,
Godlike in its strength sublime;
Conquering every subtle error,
With a meekness all divine,
It has gone across the ocean,
It is known in every land,
And our sisters and our brothers
Are united in one band.

Hymn 204

Words from the Swedish of Lina Sandell Berg
Gunnar Wennerberg, music

O Father, Thy kingdom is come upon earth,
Thou rulest in all Thy creation;
Thou sendest Thy witnesses, telling Thy worth,
To call and entreat every nation,
With news of Thy mighty salvation.

They lift up a light amid shadows of fear,
And Love is Thy banner above them;
No trouble shall touch them, no foes that appear
Shall e'er from their loyalty move them;
'Tis Thou dost uphold and approve them.

They go in Thy strength, and they speak in Thy name,
With power of Thy promise forth faring,
And during the battle the victory claim,-
Their trust in Thy truth is their daring,
Salvation to all men declaring.

Words © The Christian Science Board of Directors.

Hymn 17

Edmund Beale Sargant, words
Music attributed to Henry Purcell

Be firm, ye sentinels of Truth,
God's day of rest is near;
All scowling shapes of darkness flee;
The morning star shines clear.

Your constant challenge, Who goes there?
As idle words must cease.
How can the prince of this world now
Delay the Prince of Peace?

With healing in his wings he comes,
God's messenger of love,
'Tis yours to sound the trumpet call,
His Science yours to prove.

Words by permission of the author.


Fugue in G minor, BWV 578, by Johann Sebastian Bach

We are not authorized to post some hymn words due to copyright restrictions. Some of the hymn words may be copyrighted by The Christian Science Board of Directors and cannot be republished without permission. For more information, email

Feel free to submit testimonies using the testimony/comment form before, during, or after the meeting, and throughout the week. Read our testimony guidelines. We'd love it if you would include your name and location so we can embrace our global audience.  As you write up your testimony, please remember that we have listeners from many different backgrounds, with varying degrees of familiarity with Christian Science. We do not air all submissions and submissions may be slightly edited before airing.

If your testimony has never been published before, you are invited to submit a longer version of it to The Christian Science JournalChristian Science Sentinel, or The Herald of Christian Science at JSH Submissions. Further guidelines for submitting testimonies to the periodicals are also available here.

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