The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew: Pt. 1 - Overview If you remember just one thing about the book of Matthew, remember this: Matthew is the teaching gospel.


The Book of Genesis

Genesis: Pt. 1 – Overview We don’t mean to get all Sesame Street on you, but when you think of Genesis, think of the letter P.


What is a CSO?

What is a CSO?

A CSO comes together to bring healing to issues campuses face.


Why CSOs are important

Every student is looking for ideas that will help them. Every campus has needs.  


Power of a one-person CSO

Power of a one-person CSO

I have come to see that CSOs are about living Love and showing others how to shut down the limits they feel they have.


CSO achieves recognized status

CSO achieves recognized status

Although our CSO has been active on campus for about 50 years, we had never been recognized by our Student Union.


Spiritual solution to stress on campus

Panel on campus stress

High stress levels among students prompted us to to hold a panel on how prayer and spirituality are relevant to relieving mental stress.


Starting a CSO

Getting a CSO started

Starting a CSO begins with your love for Christian Science and the healing it has brought to your life.


Press room

Press room