The Book of Psalms: Part 4—Themes

Is there really a common theme among the 150 psalms that make up the book of Psalms? In fact, there is. It’s “My God and me.” In other words, the book of Psalms is about our relationship with God—with a trustworthy God, who never lets us down. (Recommended for ages 11-14)


The Book of Psalms: Part 5—Psalms and Me

When you think “psalms” do you think “songs”? Actually, some Bible scholars say that a better translation for “psalms” might be “praise.” And the psalms are full of praise. In fact, praise is a defining feature of Psalms—not just the individual psalms themselves, but also this book of the Bible as a whole. (Recommended for ages 11-14)


The Book of Psalms: Part 2—Who's who in the book of Psalms?

Most people give the famous Bible figure David credit for the book of Psalms. But as it turns out, Psalms was more likely written over a period of several centuries, by a number of different poets. The good news about that is that the authorship of Psalms makes this book—and its message—incredibly universal. (Recommended for ages 11-14)


The Book of Psalms: Part 3—Types of Psalms

If you’re familiar with only a few of the most well-known psalms, you might think that most psalms are psalms of thanksgiving. In fact, thanksgiving psalms are only one type of psalm. There are also psalms of praise, royal psalms, psalms of wisdom, and even psalms of lament. (Recommended for ages 11-14)



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