Prayer for campus: sexual assault

Campus sexual assauly

Forming CSO on has its challenges. Yet it has also brought growth in my faith, in my individuality, and as a Christian Scientist.


Circle of Faith

Ideas and discussions to help you listen and contribute to the healing dialogue between faiths.


The healing effect of a CSO

The healing effect of a CSO

I am grateful for the growth and healing that has taken place through my involvement in two CSOs during my academic career.


Women's history month lecture event

Women's history month lecture event

I was thrilled to be able to share Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy with my college community in honor of Women’s History Month.


Five-college interfaith panel with Q&A

Five-college interfaith panel

Our CSO wanted to try something new this spring semester. We organized an interfaith panel on the topic of “Thoughts on Religion and Science.”


Webinar: "Why CSO?" (replay)

Webinar: "Why CSO?"

In this episode, we discuss the purpose and importance of CSOs and we hear about what CSOs around the world are doing.


New CSO in Montevideo, Uruguay

CSO Montivideo, Uruguay

Five students fr the Universidad de la República, who met at a Christian Science youth workshop in Montevideo, held their first event last month.