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Online Wednesday Service

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At Wednesday testimony meetings, you’ll hear hymns and readings specially selected for the day from the Christian Science Pastor—the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. You’ll also hear testimonies of healing and comments about Christian Science submitted by listeners. An online church lobby is open for 10 minutes after each meeting.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Antiphons from Vêpres du Commun: Marcel Dupré
II. His Left Hand Is Under My Head, and His Right Hand Doth Embrace Me
III. O Ye Daughters of Jerusalem
V. How Fair and How Pleasant Art Thou


Hymn 141

Maria Louise Baum

If the Lord build not the house
They that labor build in vain;
Father, may our corner stone
Stand foursquare, without a stain.

Make our planting timely, true,
Governed by a power benign;
Nourish by a heavenly dew
All the branches and the vine.

Fruitful shall our tillage be,
Known the work of perfect Mind,
Leaves be gathered from the tree
For the healing of mankind.

Cleansing men of fear and hate,
Lifting hope above the sod,
Truth will summon, soon or late,
All the earth to worship God.

Hymn 437

All my hope on God is founded;
Day by day my trust is new.
Through the trials of life He guides me,
Only good and only true.
God alone, dearly known,
Calls my heart to be His own.

Earthly treasures, pride and glory,
Human power and worldly trust,
Though with care and toil are builded,
In the end will fall to dust.
But God's power, hour by hour,
Is my temple and my tower.

Daily does th'almighty Giver
Bounteous gifts on us bestow.
Love's desire our soul delighteth,
Joy attends us where we go.
Blessings stand at God's hand,
Healing flows at Love's command.

Now from man to God eternal
Endless thanks and praise be sung.
Hearts made new are anthems raising
Through the love of Christ, His Son.
Hear God's call, one and all,
We who follow shall not fall.

Hymn 320

Isaac Watts
Arr. by William Cameron, adapted

Supreme in wisdom as in power,
The Rock of Ages stands;
Canst thou not search His word, and trace
The working of His hands?

He gives the conquest to the meek,
Supports the fainting heart;
And courage in the evil hour
His heavenly aids impart.

Mere human energy shall faint,
And youthful vigor cease;
But those who wait upon the Lord
In strength shall still increase.

They, with unwearied step, shall tread
The path of life divine;
With growing ardor onward move,
With growing brightness shine.


Lord God, Now Be Praised, BWV 601 Johann Sebastian Bach
Prelude & Fugue in A minor, BWV 559

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Feel free to submit testimonies using the testimony/comment form before, during, or after the meeting, and throughout the week. Read our testimony guidelines. We'd love it if you would include your name and location so we can embrace our global audience.  As you write up your testimony, please remember that we have listeners from many different backgrounds, with varying degrees of familiarity with Christian Science. We do not air all submissions and submissions may be slightly edited before airing.

If your testimony has never been published before, you are invited to submit a longer version of it to The Christian Science JournalChristian Science Sentinel, or The Herald of Christian Science at JSH Submissions. Further guidelines for submitting testimonies to the periodicals are also available here.

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