Mary's Song — Christa Seid-Graham

Words by Christa Seid-Graham

My heart overflows
with praise of my Lord
My soul is full of joy
in God
my Saviour.

He noticed me, He noticed me,
He noticed me, He noticed me.
And all the people who ever will be
will see
how God
has blessed me.


The one who can do all great things
has done great things for me.
My body and soul belong to the Lord;
let it happen as you say.
Let it happen as you say.
Let it happen as you say.

Listen to Christa share the inspiration behind Mary's Song

One of Christa Seid-Graham’s favorite quotes is a Scandinavian proverb: “In every man, there is a king. Speak to the king, and the king will come forth.” Christa is a vocalist and pianist. She studied music performance at Principia College and is now enjoying working at The Mother Church and rocking out with fellow musicians in the Boston area. Currently, one of her main musical outlets is composing original church solos, then singing them at the Christian Science Society she attends. She also worked on an album with the It's About Good collective, which was released in December 2012. Visit to listen.