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Our family of podcasts

Engaging conversations offering prayer-based solutions to life's challenges.

Christian Science Monitor editors take you through the day’s top stories.

Spiritual insights about contemporary issues in the news.

Explaining the qualities that drive how the Monitor approaches reporting.

Enrich your day with short inspiring messages.

Exploring topics related to Christian Science across a wide variety of fields.

Producers' Conversation

Meet the producers behind our family of podcasts, and learn how each program is unique, yet fundamentally connected.

The Mother Church services and study resources

Music, singing, scriptural readings, prayer, and a sermon read at all Christian Science services around the world.

Scriptural selections as well as healings shared by online attendees.

Public talks by the Board of Lectureship that explore Christian Science.

Continuous loop of the textbook of Christian Science, written by Mary Baker Eddy.

Subscription resources that include audio

Weekly magazine helping us engage with timely topics relevant to our communities.

Monthly magazine, putting on record Christian Science healing.

Logo for The Herald of Christian Science

Sharing the practice and activity of Christian Science around the world.

Audio available in Français, Deutsch, Português, and Español.

Weekly Bible study addressing deep questions and everyday challenges.

Audio also available in Español.


Continuous loop of hymns and songs from The Christian Science Publishing Society.

Kid-friendly Bible stories, inspiration, and healings.

Hymns have brought healing and comfort to many.

Audio products available for purchase

Listen to audiobooks of Mary Baker Eddy’s published writings.

Audiobooks about Mary Baker Eddy and the history of Christian Science.

Some available on JSH-Online

Vocal and instrumental albums produced by the Christian Science Publishing Society.

Audio versions of pamphlets and anthologies of articles on Christian Science.

Also available on JSH-Online