Press kit: Image Release



The copyrighted digital image files (“Images”) are provided below solely for use in original news articles written and published about the display spaces within the “How Do You See the  World?” experience. For other uses of the Images, please email us at

To request images of the Mapparium globe for the same purpose, please submit a Mapparium Request Form.

By downloading the Images, you agree to the following conditions and restrictions:

  • You must use Images as they are provided. You may crop or resize Images provided that the meaning and spirit of the Image is not changed. You may not otherwise manipulate  Images without our further written permission.

  • You may only provide Images to third parties if necessary to publish your articles as described above.

  • We ask you to include with Images some information about the experience that is factually correct and to include our copyright notice if it does not already appear on the Image itself. You may use the caption provided below: 

    • How Do You See the World? is an experience located at the Christian Science Plaza, in Boston, Massachusetts. Photo © The First Church of Christ, Scientist. Used by permission.

If you do not accept the above terms and restrictions, you agree to destroy any files you have downloaded and any Image copies made. 

After the publishing process is complete, please destroy copies of Images you no longer need.

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