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Monique Hertgen, CSB

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Duingt, France

Each step in her life that has led her to a deeper understanding of Christian Science has also been followed by more joy and freedom, Monique says. Raised by her father in another faith, she learned about Christian Science from her mother. After visiting a local Christian Science Sunday School only a few times, she says she immediately felt something more: she perceived that God is always present and always available.

Discovering how real and constantly present God's love is to care for, protect and support us freed her from the grief and sense of abandonment she felt after a divorce. God—divine Love—was “an ever-present help” in work and in family life with her three children, guiding and protecting them, and even providing great times traveling, skiing, hiking, sailing and playing tennis.

As a long-life teacher, first in Primary School, then as a trainer for teachers of bilingual courses, she has always loved to help others improve their skills and talents, to move past limitations and fears. This goes on in her work as a Christian Science practitioner, where, seeing beyond the problems, she is happy to help improve the lives of people who call her, whether this be overcoming a physical challenge or resolving other problems.

As she went through a difficult time in her life, gradually feeling freed from injustice, fear and oppression, she made a promise to serve God with all her heart. And that's what she tries to do in giving lectures, sharing the great message of Christian Science that brings blessings to all of us.

Titles of Available Lectures

An answer to your needs through an understanding of God

Peace in a moment of despair, support without judgement or condemnation, inspiration when you are feeling blocked–these tangible expressions of goodness are what an understanding of God brings to each of us. This goodness is a presence, a power above all human or material laws. A knowledge of this goodness, or God, linked with active, trusting prayer, can overcome inharmony and bring healing in your life.