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Alexandre Fischer, CS

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Pau, France
Phone: +33 7 87 60 49 32

Alex is available to lecture in the United States.

Practicing law in France and the United States for several years informed Alex’s practice of Christian Science. The law was not just his job, he says, it was his passion. To Alex, being a good lawyer meant exercising the ability to think precisely and feeling a desire to help others get out of trouble.

During his years as a lawyer, his interest in Christian Science grew. At first, he was impressed by its remarkable healings and resolutions, but as he dug deeper, he found a profound spirituality. He used to believe that religion and spirituality meant accepting a system of beliefs and letting go of discernment and critical thinking. But the more he studied and practiced this spirituality, the more he found that one’s relationship with God requires critical thinking to understand spiritual concepts. These concepts can in turn be applied to one’s life to bring healing.

Gradually, he gave up his law practice to become a full-time Christian Science practitioner. Alex still works to help others “get out of trouble,” that is, to overcome a sense of limitation and to find freedom.

Alex discovered that Christian Science is not just about feeling better or fixing problems. It’s about being willing to challenge one’s world view as entirely molecule-based and soulless, to be open to see the world as spiritually-based, and experience how this change in perspective brings inner peace and healing. Christian Science helps us understand our relationship with God, infinite good, more clearly. Its teachings help us see Christ Jesus' message in a non-dogmatic way, bringing healing, harmony and freedom to our life.

Through healing and lecturing, Alex works to enable others to find this same freedom.

Titles of Available Lectures

How spiritual perception brings healing

How can we move away from fear, sickness, and strife into something better? Prayer, as it’s explained through the lens of Christian Science, is a tool for bringing a different viewpoint, and ultimately healing, to any situation. Prayer is getting beyond surface level judgements to a deeper sense of God’s nature—all-good, all-loving—defining all things. It helps us see how natural health, wholeness and harmony are, here and now, in a way that not only benefits us, our family, our colleagues, and our friends, but also it benefits the world. Alexandre describes a number of specific experiences as he walks his listeners through how this prayerful perception of God brings healing in our lives.

(UK title: Can spiritual perception bring healing?)

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Can we heal like Jesus?

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Can spiritual perception bring healing?

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