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Alexandre Fischer, CS

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Paris, France
Phone: + 33 6 40 17 88 98.
Email: alexandrefischercs@gmail.com

Alexandre practiced law for several years in French and American law firms in Paris. In 2002, he gave up his career as a litigation attorney to work for The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston. Upon returning to France, he was appointed Committee on Publication for France and in this role he worked with magazine and newspaper editors on a regular basis to answer questions about Christian Science.

Although Alexandre was born into a family practicing Christian Science, and he experienced many healings through prayer throughout his childhood, he did not embrace it until in his early twenties.  “Back then, I thought that Christian Science was just another religion, and despite the great healings I had, I was not interested in making it part of my life,” recalls Alexandre.  

He adds “Then one day, I thought I would tell my parents that I would stop going to church, that it was really not my thing.  But an intuition told me to grab the book and give it a last try.”  The book referred to is Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy which contains a complete explanation of Christian Science.  

“So I began to read the book and I found a depth to it that I had not seen before. What really got me into it is that I found out that there is no mystery in Christian Science. It is a science. It is logical. It is demonstrable. I  started by having a few healings proving that I was understanding a bit of what I was reading. This was thrilling! Eventually I became a full-time Christian Science practitioner.”


Titles of Available Lectures

How spiritual perception brings healing

(UK title: Can spiritual perception bring healing?)