Christian Science Associations

Participating in Christian Science class instruction is a natural step of progress in the practice of Christian Science healing. The joys of the class include not just the initial 12 days of spiritual instruction, but the ongoing opportunity to participate in a spiritual support system--an “association” of your teacher’s students that gathers each year to share in a day of spiritual refreshment, growth, inspiration, and prayer. Members of Christian Science associations develop strong spiritual bonds over the years and are deeply united in their commitment to spiritual healing everywhere, no matter who their teacher might be.

Visiting an association

If you are a class-taught Christian Scientist and aren’t able to attend your own association meeting this year, you can reach out to any other teacher or association for information on attending as a guest. You’ll find the contact information for all Christian Science teachers here. We’ve also compiled a list of those associations without teachers who share their contact information publicly. If you would like a copy of this list, please email