Never Alone — Kendra Scott

Night has fallen
I’m not alone
Lovingly You I will seek
Guard me when I sleep
Guide my little feet
Nothing to fear in Your arms

Patient, Meek
Just the way You see me
I’ll keep my eyes right on You
Nothing to fear in your arms

Listen to Kendra share the inspiration behind Never Alone.

Kendra loves to find fresh ways of expressing the beauty of God in her life, including through music and theater. She feels most inspired when she's outdoors or connecting with friends. She currently spends her time in Connecticut performing in shows and working with kids as a Musical Theater teacher.

Kendra's song, Never Alone, was inspired by this poem by Mary Baker Eddy:

Mother’s New Year Gift to the Little Children 

Father-Mother God,
Loving me, —
Guard me when I sleep;
Guide my little feet
Up to Thee.

to the Big Children
Father-Mother good,
lovinglyThee I seek, —
Patient, meek,
In the way Thou hast, —
Be it slow or fast,
Up to Thee.

(Poems p. 69:1)