Letter to the Editor of the New York Times

This letter was submitted in response to a Times commentary on “manifesting” that erroneously associates Christian Science with New Thought and the New Age practice of manifesting.

Dear Mr. Feyer,

Many thanks in advance for considering the following letter for publication in the Times:

In “The Long, Strange History of ‘Manifesting’” (March 9), Tara Isabella Burton takes the lid off a recent phenomenon — manifesting — and reveals an extended back story. In the process, she implies that Christian Science belongs in the same American cultural blender as New Thought, “mind cure,” and manifesting. This is not accurate. While it is true that New Thought traces to P. P. Quimby, and that for a time, Mary Baker Eddy was a Quimby patient, a closer look at the origin and true nature of Christian Science reveals that its biblical roots and strictly Christian practice separate it at all points from that mix.

While New Thought and manifesting involve willful manipulation of the human mind, what Eddy came to see in a life-altering spiritual healing that took place after Quimby’s death was the need to follow Christ Jesus’ example in putting down human will to make space in the heart for the living presence of God’s healing power and saving grace.

Kevin E. Ness
Manager, Christian Science Committees on Publication
The First Church of Christ, Scientist
210 Massachusetts Ave.
Boston, Massachusetts USA 02115