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Nikki O'Hagan, CS

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Naas, County Kildare, Ireland
Phone: +353 087 278 1593

Nikki is available to lecture in the United States, and can be contacted at this US number: (618) 946-6298.

Nikki grew up in South Africa where she gained a love for being outdoors and enjoying the beauty and promise of nature. From a young age she had a strong desire to not just experience life, but to understand it. She used to exasperate her dad by following up every explanation he gave her by asking “but, Why?” While Nikki did grow up attending Christian Science Sunday School, as a teen she decided that this would not be the way for her to gain the understanding of life that she was seeking, and she headed off in another direction.

Several years followed in which she desperately tried to find happiness and to understand the Why of life. She looked everywhere and tried everything (even jumping out of an airplane!) but nothing brought answers, happiness or lasting peace. Rather than finding an understanding of life, it all seemed to just get darker and make less and less sense.

And then a transformational healing brought her back to Christian Science, where she found comfort, peace, mercy, happiness, harmony, health, and home in the arms of divine Love. Nikki then discovered that she loved the infallible logic of the Science of Christianity, and found in it all the answers to her Whys. Life and God finally began to make sense and became full of joy, light, and love. Her gratitude for this pivotal healing, and the salvation it brought her by setting her on the path of Christian Science, was–and still is–unbounded. Since that time all she has wanted to do is love and serve God, and love and serve others.

Through her study and practice of Christian Science, Nikki has experienced and witnessed so many healings over the years. Her earnest desire is for all to know the transformational healing power of divine Love. Becoming a Christian Science practitioner was a natural step in fulfilling this desire.

Nikki looks forward to sharing with others, through the lecturing work, the subjects most precious and dear to her heart: God and Christian Science.

Titles of Available Lectures

The Science of God and its power to heal us

Misconceptions about ourselves and the world we live in are often corrected by advances in science which bring paradigm shifts to our ways of thinking and understanding existence — like discovering that the earth revolves around the sun, rather than the other way around.

The current matter-based scientific model leaves many questions unanswered and has some thinkers and scientists questioning if it is still the right model. It is interesting to consider if the time has now come for another major paradigm shift in science – a shift that would include God as the center and circumference of all existence. This paradigm shift in thought begins with the questions - how does science relate to God and is there a science that explains God?

Nikki will address these questions and show how the Science of God explains Jesus’ healings, and teachings, makes God knowable and understandable, and provides humanity with a safe and reliable means for caring for ourselves and each other.

Nikki will also share some of her own experiences of the transforming, healing power of God gained through understanding this science of God, or Christian Science. She will explain how this healing happens, and what role consciousness plays in the process.

The Science of God and its power to transform us

This is the UK title for the lecture titled The Science of God and its power to heal us.