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Nicole R. Virgil, CS

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Elmhurst, Illinois, USA
Phone: (630) 433-6241

Nicole is available for in-person lectures.

Nicole’s father was a free-lance church organist, and her parents attended services at many different Christian churches in New England. Her mom had been on a years-long search to find out how to practice Christian healing just as Jesus did, and when she started attending Christian Science church services, she found what she was looking for. As a result, Nicole was raised in Christian Science, and developed a deep desire for an intimate relationship with God.

Nicole studied Christian Science with her mom and music with her dad, and found that each discipline complemented the other. Christian Science healed performance anxiety, while learning music honed the skills she needed for spiritual practice — skills such as intuition, listening, patience and diligence. Throughout her life, Christian Science and music have always overlapped: after studying opera at music school, she took her one-woman opera review program (That Can’t Be Opera!) on the road, educating audiences about opera by singing Mozart, Puccini, and Menotti. Christian Science guided her through this entrepreneurial endeavor, just as it led her to start soloing in churches as a teenager (which is something she still loves to do!) — Nicole eventually married, started a family with her husband, and entered the public practice of Christian Science.

Today Nicole enjoys raising children, gardening, soloing in church, and witnessing the healing effect of Christian Science.

Titles of Available Lectures

Be Set Free

Circumstances often present what appear to be significant obstacles to living freely, something that everyone wants to do. Whatever it is that seems to stand between us and the full range of motion that we would like to have in our lives — it’s not so much the presenting impediment that is the problem — it’s not knowing how or where to access our God-given liberty.

To live a life of liberty, we have to find the nature and substance of liberty, which is spiritual, purposeful, unburdened, and given to all. To do that you have to know where to look, to the source of liberty — God, good itself, all-inclusive.

In this talk, we will examine liberty from a Biblical perspective; and see how real people today find their freedom from all kinds of physical, emotional and circumstantial restrictions that seem clearly beyond their control so that they may Be Set Free.

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