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Nate Frederick, CS

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Brookline, Massachusetts, USA
Phone: (774) 573-7134
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Experiencing first-hand the healing power of Love is Nate’s favorite thing.  It’s what makes him tick.

Nate studied religion and perennial philosophy at Hampshire College where he was introduced to Christian Science healing. Although he was enamored with the academic exploration of spirituality, what he truly desired most was to practice spirituality in a tangible way — he wanted to experience God and heal others.

After producing a documentary on miracles and traveling the world where he hiked extensively in the Himalayas, Nate came to Boston in 2008 to work for his church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist. Since then, he has served in many capacities, including launching and producing your Daily Lift podcast. Nate also helped pioneer the online Sunday School at The Mother Church; helped launch a branch church in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts; worked as a counselor and wilderness trip leader for six years at a camp for Christian Scientists; has shared the Good News at jails, rehab centers and interfaith-events. He’s also composed, produced and performed a variety of spiritually inspired music.

Nate's many hobbies include adventuring in the outdoors, writing songs and cooking. But he says, “Without comparison, my greatest love, my greatest joy— my purpose — is to transform lives and heal the sick through Christianly Scientific prayer.”

This deeper sense of purpose led Nate to become a full-time Christian Science practitioner, who helps others find healing. In his lectures, Nate enjoys sharing how, in his eyes, healing through prayer is life’s greatest adventure.

Titles of Available Lectures

Prayer and Well-being: a Spiritual Adventure

This is the UK title for the lecture Learn to pray and heal (a spiritual adventure).

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Learn to pray and heal (a spiritual adventure)

Are prayer and healing for you? I mean, if you have no experience with spirituality or religion, or you’re not even sure what you think about God, can you still pray and be healed?

Yes. Because prayer and healing are natural to us, and I say this as one who didn’t even grow up in a religious household. But what I’ve discovered as I’ve studied Christian Science is that a willingness to shift perspectives, to see things in a new, more spiritual way, has an effect--for anyone.

Like in the case of an inmate I worked with. As I shared the basics of Christian Science with him he said it all sounded great but he was just a bad person. He seemed pretty convinced that healing wasn’t for him. But as we talked about the fact that he wasn’t defined by his past, but by God, his source, who is completely good, I could tell his thought about himself was changing.

And then he wanted more. So he took a copy of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, back to his cell and started to dive into these books. Six or seven weeks later, I ran into him again and he told me that he’d been healed of a serious illness--just from studying the Bible and Science and Health. His study helped him grasp God and his life in a new way and his disease was cured.

In my lecture, I’ll share more about the fundamentals of effective prayer, as I’ve learned from studying Christian Science, as well as how healing is truly possible for everyone.

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