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A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

Lesley Ruth Pitts, CS

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Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Phone: (508) 728-4024

It was during high school that the direction of Lesley’s life changed. Although she was raised as a Christian Scientist, it wasn’t until she experienced the joy of helping someone during a youth club outing that Lesley finally understood what it took to love unselfishly. This set her on a new path. She became aware that nursing qualities of willing service, patience, gentleness, and compassion were expressed all around her as she grew up and that she wanted to live them, too. They’ve woven themselves into every activity she has undertaken since then.

For example, Lesley served as a Christian Science nurse for more than 30 years, mostly in the United Kingdom. This work brought her to Boston in the United States to work in the Christian Science Nursing Activities department. Later, she was part of the team that established The Mary Baker Eddy Library. Her nursing qualities were put to good use in organizing and caring for its collections--shared with the public for the first time. She served as Executive Manager and President of the Library for six years.

Working at the Library and becoming more familiar with Eddy’s remarkable accomplishments as the founder of a religious movement increased Lesley’s desire to better practice Christian Science in her own life and help others through her healing practice and lecturing.

Lesley believes that her unusual career path illustrates the idea that following God’s lead is a more trustworthy foundation for living than relying on society's expectations or other people’s opinions.

Titles of Available Lectures

Finding Trust in a Changing World

Is there anything that we can truly rely on? Finding a spiritual basis of trust enables us to turn to a divine presence whenever we need it. The love, goodness, and intelligence of God never change and are always available. The more we discover of God’s love and care for us, the more we can confidently turn to this divine presence and find our lives transformed and healed–and our families, communities, and the whole world benefit, too. Anyone can learn how to lean into God’s trustworthiness.
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