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Heike Arneth, CSB

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Muenchen, Germany
Phone: +49 89 12 19 76 80

I love God, people, and all of creation, and I love Christian Science. I want to share this love, and my enthusiasm and joy, with others.

I see the many tough situations that people and nations are faced with. Christian Science can help with all of these; and yet it is not just a system of healing and problem-solving. It is much more than this. Among other things, it explains the spiritual principles that are the basis of all being. Through her discovery, Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, not only explained these fundamental principles to us, but also showed us how we can put them into practice. These principles, and the healing and liberating results of applying them, are what I would like to speak to people about. That is why I am a Christian Science lecturer.

How did this come about? The work of Jesus and the stories of healing in the Bible have been an inspiration to me for as long as I can remember. I was first introduced to Christian Science as a teenager, and got to know people who had made it their life's purpose to heal in the same way that Jesus did. I witnessed wonderful healings through Christian Science. This kindled a desire in me to become a Christian Science practitioner myself some day. I first had to complete my schooling and professional training though, and I worked very happily for many years as a bank clerk. Alongside my career, I tried my hand at a number of other things: I founded a modeling agency, organized fashion shows and worked as a beauty therapist. For a while, I counselled prison inmates as part of a project to help them to reintegrate into society.

In my free time, I looked into numerous religions, spiritual perspectives and trends in psychology. But my inner longing for spirituality was never satisfied for long through these things. And so, after much searching, I came back to what had so inspired me as a teenager: Christian Science. I looked more intensively into the principles of Christian Science, continually applying what I had understood. In doing so, I experienced all kinds of healings — for myself, my family and my friends, who were asking for my help more and more frequently. Since 2005, I have been working full-time as a Christian Science Practitioner.

Titles of Available Lectures

Miracles - redefined. Experience the divine in everyday life.

Miracles redefined. Overcoming crises and finding security

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Take hold of your divine freedom