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Heike Arneth, CSB

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Muenchen, Germany
Phone: +49 89 12 19 76 80

Heike has a deep love for God, people, and Christian Science. She wants to share this love, along with her joy, with others.

Heike says she feels a deep empathy for the tough situations that people and nations face. Having experienced the healing and transformative effects of Christian Science in her own life, she is convinced that it can help these tough situations. Though Christian Science is much more than just a healing or problem-solving system. Among other things, it explains the spiritual rules and laws that are the basis of all being. Through her discovery, Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, not only explained these fundamental laws, but also showed how to put them into practice. These rules, and the healing and liberating results of applying them, are what Heike speaks to people about.

How did her work come about? The work of Jesus and the stories of healing in the Bible have been an inspiration to her for as long as she can remember. Heike was first introduced to Christian Science as a teenager, and got to know people who had made it their life's purpose to heal in the same way that Jesus did. She witnessed wonderful healings through the application of Christian Science. This kindled a desire in her to someday become a Christian Science practitioner.

First, she completed school and professional training and worked for many years as a bank clerk. On the side, she founded a modeling agency, organized fashion shows and worked as a beauty therapist. She even counseled prison inmates as part of a project to help them to reintegrate into society.

Although Heike looked into numerous religions, spiritual perspectives, and trends in psychology, her inner longing for spirituality was never satisfied. After much searching, she returned to what had so inspired her as a teenager: Christian Science. She looked more intensively into the rules for the practice of Christian Science, continually applying what she understood. In doing so, she experienced all kinds of healings — for herself, her family and friends, and many others. Since 2005, Heike has been working full-time as a Christian Science practitioner and became a Christian Science teacher in 2015.

Titles of Available Lectures

“Who am I really?”—Discovering your spiritual identity

Do you feel a gap between what you know yourself to be in your heart and what you appear to be on the outside? If identity is not a product of a physical body, then what is it, and where does it come from? Christian Science teaches that your identity comes from God, good, and is entirely spiritual. As you begin to understand this fact, it can have a positive effect on your life and well-being.

This is an alternate title for the lecture: Comfort, Hope, Salvation

Take hold of your divine freedom

Finding freedom from oppressive circumstances can seem impossible. However, freedom, found through a spiritual perspective, is available to everyone–in every situation. It’s already at hand here and now, in our connection with the infinite divine presence. Christian Science helps us understand the nature of this presence, God, and God’s all-goodness. And it shows us how knowing the truth of our unbreakable relationship with God helps free us from fear, lies, self reproach, depression, stress, and illness. No person and no circumstance are excluded. Heike gives several examples of healing that demonstrates freedom as no longer unreachable but possible in every aspect of daily life.  

A flipchart or pin board is required.

Miracles - redefined. Experience the divine in everyday life.

Miracles redefined. Overcoming crises and finding security

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