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A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

Chiemezi Elvis Ahanonu, CS

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Imo State, Owerri, Nigeria

Chiemezi has always desired to understand how things work, often immersing himself in books in order to explore this desire.

He encountered Christian Science as a teenager, through Sentinel radio– and audio program from the Christian Science Sentinel. At first, he didn't really understand it; but he felt there was something more to it that was worth exploring. 

He began to seriously study Christian Science many years later, applying that same desire to “understand how things work” he’d always felt. Through study and prayers in Christian Science, he experienced healings of all sorts. He got to understand God as infinite, everlasting Love. He lost fear, he found peace, health and harmony. Christian Science reformed and transformed his thinking, and his view of God, man and the universe.

Once he learned how Christian Science works, his desire became to help others. He felt that the practice of Christian Science was a good avenue to deploy the spiritual tools he was learning to use to help others find solutions to pressing everyday challenges. This led to his decision to enter the full time practice of Christian Science. Becoming a Christian Science lecturer affords him the opportunity to share the healing message of the Christ to a world that more than ever, needs healing.

Chiemezi studied theater at the university of Calabar in Nigeria. After graduation, he worked as a contractor, managing personnel with a French oil prospecting firm, in the Niger Delta. He later went into self employment in the retail sector.

His hobbies include exploring the outdoors, reading, writing, and cycling. He likes to give out the Christian Science textbook and other Christian Science publications whenever and wherever there is the opportunity to do so.

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