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A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

Alison J. Hughes, CS

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Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK
Phone: +447880972583

Growing up going to the Christian Science Sunday School, surrounded by a family actively living the teachings of Christian Science, Alison and her siblings had quick healings of the usual childhood scrapes and illnesses. Her grandmother was a Christian Science practitioner for many years and so from a young age she felt that studying the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, brought practical transformative results.

She found getting to know God better and her relationship with the Divine naturally resulted in praying for and with others. She started receiving requests to pray for others while she was still leading her professional career, first in property (real estate) and then university-based adult education. Eventually, she became a full-time Christian Science practitioner.

For many years, she was Christian Science Committee on Publication for Merseyside, which meant frequent interaction with faith leaders and medical, educational and legal professionals.  She also wrote articles and gave talks and interviews related to Christian Science in that capacity.

Exploring the meaning of Bible stories has always meant a lot to Alison. She has found this deep exploration of the Bible has opened up spiritual insights into how applicable these ideas are today for our world, whatever challenges we’re facing. She has a deep interest in faith and its role in community life and has been an active member of a local interfaith network that included individuals from many world faiths.

Her hobbies include archaeology and traveling to historical sites. She also paints and plays the piano – inspired by all forms of art.

She’s increasingly found each step of her career and spiritual journey has opened up new views of how God’s loving care for each one of us provides hope for our world today. This is what she wants to share as a Christian Science lecturer.

Titles of Available Lectures

A lasting, healing solution to hopelessness

We hear everywhere of the challenges of this moment. Civil chaos, mental health issues and climate or pandemic-related social and economic worries dominate the news. Some are asking, “Is there a lasting, healing solution to these challenges?”

As far back as Biblical times and during Jesus’ ministry these have been issues of concern–and practical transformative prayer brought healing. This lecture will share through modern and Biblical examples why it is realistic to have a trusting expectation of good. It discusses ideas from the unique perspective Christian Science brings–a Science based on divine laws of good.