Meet our people

We have positions from entry level to senior management. Our employees work closely with their managers and the HR department to develop their skills that can be utilized throughout the organization. Many employees have built successful careers over time through lateral and upward moves.



Service Analyst for Workspace and Events

I came to The Mother Church as an intern and stayed on to work on a large inventory project. That lead to full-time work where I’ve had steady professional growth in the same department. My job may not seem directly mission related, but it really is because while we make sure the organization’s facilities are taken care of, we are supporting the work that goes on in this space. Knowing this helps me do my job with more freedom and efficiency.  I love what I do; this is a really special place to work.



Project Manager, PMP and Certified Scrum Master

I was a project manager in Singapore, and then locally for an international company. A personal connection told me about an open project manager position here and I got the job. I’m grateful for ongoing professional education, which helps assure that my work is quality. I consider myself a learner in Christian Science. I came with an open mind, and still have questions that I’m exploring on my own time. But you don’t have to be a church member to feel a sense of mission here.



Senior Consumer Marketing Manager,  The Christian Science Monitor

After college graduation, I took a temporary position in the Christian Science Publishing Society. I thought I’d be in Boston for less than a year. As I got feedback that my skills and contributions were useful, I decided to stay as long as I’m needed. That was 9 years ago. I still feel a consistent sense of mission that makes my work meaningful and rewarding.



Staff editor, Journal, Sentinel, Herald Department

I’d worked as an audio editor as part of my TMC Youth summer internship while in college. When I was approached about working for the the Publishing Society full-time, I felt called to the job—literally and figuratively. Several years later and still here, I can honestly say I feel consistent purpose, joy, and satisfaction in my work. What more could I ask for?


Community Relations Liaison

After moving to the east coast, and after working as a volunteer with institutional committees, I was tapped to help with a big project focusing on institutional committees, followed by a part-time job working for the church in the Boston community. Now I work full-time and I love the outward focus of this Church. I interact with community leaders and people from a wide variety of local organizations. I have even found ways to incorporate my background in business and law. I’m in the perfect job for me!


Staff editor, Journal, Sentinel, Herald Department

Early in my career, I wanted to work for an international development organization so I could make an impact on the world. Prayer led me to The Mother Church. Soon I realized why: I am actually working for the greatest international development organization there is! What other organization promotes and nurtures the kind of development the world so needs? Every job I’ve had here has directly supported spiritual development that leads to progress and healing for all.