Institutional Chaplain Sample Letter of Introduction

Institutional Chaplain Letter of Introduction

Please copy this draft letter and adapt it for your Christian Science Branch Church or Society or Institutional Committee use.


Attention:   (Institution’s Chaplain)

Dear Sir,

This letter certifies that (Christian Science Volunteer name), has been appointed the Christian Science (Chaplain/Worker) at (Institution’s name). (Chaplain / Worker name) has been a member of (Christian Science Church or Society) for ( ) years. (He/she) has been interviewed and evaluated for service in (Institution’s name) by (Church / Society Board or Institutional Committee) as to his/her qualifications to do this important work. (Chaplain/Worker name) is bound by the guidelines of (Church / Society or Institutional Committee)as approved by the Executive Board of (Church / Society and location).

Subject to (Institution’s) required training and institutional regulations—(Chaplain/Worker name)—as volunteer (Chaplain / Worker) has the approval of the (Church / Society and Board), to perform the following functions:

  •  Initiate contact with persons who either identify themselves as Christian Scientists or request Christian Science church services.

  • Provide prayerful support to enable individuals to deal with moral, spiritual or physical problems. (Note: this applies to Chaplains in practitioner/patient role.)

  • Conduct Christian Science services whenever there is a need.

  • Distribute Christian Science literature to those who would like to have it.

(He/she) has been instructed to clear all denominational activities through your institutional chaplain’s office. We will appreciate any courtesies and assistance you may offer, such as granting access to current lists of persons who have declared their religious preference to be Christian Science. Please feel free to contact (him/her) at any time if you become aware of individuals requesting ministry from a Christian Scientist. (His/her) contact information is : (phone and email address). You have our assurance of continued support of your religious program and of our desire to be of service whenever possible.


(Clerk for / or President of Board of Church / Society or Institutional Committee)
 (Church / Society or Institutional Committee name)
 (Church / Society or Institutional Committee address)