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We hope these tools will help you feel confident and well equipped to serve your Reading Room, seeing it as an intrinsic part of your branch, bringing healing to your congregation and your community.

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Getting started

Are you a librarian for the first time? Here are the basic instructions you cannot miss! 

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Product Lists

  • Read in the Church Manual about Reading Rooms

  • Support the work of the Reading Room through prayer.

  • Defend the healing atmosphere of the Reading Room.

  • Challenge impositions in thought about this work and invite other Reading Room attendants to do the same.

  • Prepare to welcome members of your community. 

  • Schedule a workshop provided by The Mother Church.

The “All Things Reading Room” Google Group is a great way for Reading Rooms to communicate with each other on a variety of topics including inspiration, inventory, and serving the community. This is a private group to protect the members and their conversations, so first-time visitors will need to apply to join. Permission will be granted shortly after the request is received.

Signing up

  • Join the group with a personal or church gmail address. [Google Groups are not operated by or The Mother Church. They are governed by Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.]

  • If you do not have a email address and do not want one, you need to create a Google account with your non-gmail email address.

    • Hint: check to see if your church already uses a non-gmail account to participate in “All Things Reading Room.”

    • Note: If you don’t create a Google account with your non-gmail email address, you will be able to see email communications from the group, but you will not be able to participate in any of the discussions or access the group itself. Also, your replies or questions to the group will not be visible.

Joining the conversation

  • Posting and reading threads is very easy. It’s just like writing and reading email.

    • Posts are visible to all group members.

    • Responses can be sent to everyone (reply to the post directly on the board) or to the individual poster (use the reply button).

    • Attachments including documents and photos can be added to a post.

  • Group members can control how frequently they receive messages.


More detail

Additional information

Schedule a Reading Room workshop

This workshop helps librarians and members focus on the Reading Room as a healing place for the community and brings a fresh perspective to this intrinsic part of “a church designed to reinstate primitive Christianity”. (Manual, p. 17)

If you would like to request a workshop please email

Take a look here at the other workshops available for your branch.

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