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How does prayer heal?

Why does spiritual healing matter in today’s high-tech society?

Who is Mary Baker Eddy and how are her ideas relevant today?

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Public talks by members of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship explore these questions and bring the healing message of Christian Science to all kinds of audiences.

Centered on the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science lectures explain the spiritual laws behind Christ Jesus' works of physical and mental healing. They explore life-transforming ideas in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Lectures also show the practicality of these teachings by sharing healings of individual, community, and global problems happening today.

These in-person and online talks are given by a diverse group of Christian Science lecturers that serves as a speakers’ bureau for The First Church of Christ, Scientist. From a variety of countries, backgrounds, ethnic and language groups, all are experienced practitioners of Christian Science healing. Regardless of your current religious affiliation (or no affiliation at all), talks like the ones on this page can help you explore how to experience more of God’s healing power in your life by understanding the spiritual truths taught in the Bible and explained today through Christian Science.

Peace and Christmas

[50 min ENG]

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At Christmas, much of the world celebrates the coming of Jesus, some 2000 years ago. Heloísa Gelber Rivas, CSB, describes that the coming of Christ is continuous and present today, revealing the peace of God for all mankind to experience now.

Love without limits, Life without fear

[50 min ENG]


Fujiko Signs, CSB, discusses how to move through different life experiences with confidence that comes from feeling the presence of God's kingdom within oneself.

Mary Baker Eddy: A life of discovery

[50 min ENG]


Chet Manchester, CSB, gives a fresh look into the life of Mary Baker Eddy during a talk at the Lynn Museum and Historical Society in Lynn, MA.

Learn to pray and heal

[50 min ENG]


Nate Frederick, CS, explores Mary Baker Eddy's powerful statement, "The prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sick is an absolute faith that all things are possible to God, - a spiritual understanding of Him, an unselfed love," from Eddy's book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.