Christian Science Organizations

University or college life can feel challenging at times. Christian Science Organizations (CSOs) can help support you and provide opportunities to help others. Explore what CSOs are, how they are formed and examples of how involvement in CSO supports healing—on campus and off.

You can reach us anytime at We have CSO Representatives in many countries who speak English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

How to start a CSO

Want to build a community of like-minded thinkers at your university? Here's what’s needed.


Connect with other Christian Scientists at University

Meet other Christian Scientists at universities around the world. Or connect with a CSO at your school.


What do CSOs do?

Each CSO is unique and each one will be run differently. What they all have in common is a love for Christian Science and a deep desire to share it with others. How are CSOs putting this into practice?

Here are just a few ideas to get you started!

  • Share together Meet regularly to discuss and share inspiration with each other. Perhaps consider ideas in the Weekly Bible Lesson, or from the Christian Science periodicals. Invite your friends to join!

  • Classroom talks If there are classes your school offers that could relate to Christian Science or Mary Baker Eddy, talk with the teacher and see if they’d like to host a guest speaker. Guests could be Christian Science lecturers or a Committee on Publication. Some related subjects include: women’s history, philosophy, religion, and medicine.

  • Panel or discussion with other faith groups CSOs have been involved in interfaith panel discussions and nondenominational worship services, often sponsored by their school’s religious center.

  • Host a Christian Science lecture and invite your friends. What topics or issues are trending in your school community? How could a Christian Science perspective bring healing to the situation? Lectures are available on a variety of topics and in several major languages. Format and length can sometimes be adjusted as well. Talk with your lecturer about whether this is possible. The Mother Church can provide financial support to a CSO for room rentals, lecture fees, and other related expenses. Reach out to us for more information.

  • Student Activities Fair or Campus Festival Participate in a student activities fair, or host a table at a campus festival. CSOs have hosted tables at activity fairs (both virtual and in-person), where they share Christian Science literature and invite visitors to their meetings.

There are so many ways to connect with your school community! Be inspired!
And reach out to us anytime at We’re here to support you and can share ideas that have worked for other CSOs.

Why are CSOs important?

Meet Sara, from the University of Alabama

Meet Jordan, from William & Mary

Meet Rebecca, recent graduate of Purdue University