What is a CSO?

A CSO brings an expansive, spiritual perspective to the campus community.

What is a CSO?

A Christian Science Organization, also known as a CSO or “org,” is a community of graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, instructors, and alumni that comes together to bring healing to issues their campuses face. It is a forum for discussing metaphysical approaches to navigating college life, with a focus on providing solutions. While it only takes one student or faculty member who is a member of The Mother Church to start a CSO, involvement is open to the entire campus community. Each CSO is unique, but they all share a desire to make more accessible the universal laws found in Christian Science. 

The Mother Church’s mission is to “heal and save the world from sin and death” and CSOs play a vital role in fulfilling this mission on campus. The activities of the CSO counteract world beliefs that are constantly barraging us: that we’re limited by heredity, biology, chance, etc. CSOs also challenge the commonly held views that individuals are governed by fear, hatred, stress, lack. The healing system of Christian Science is needed now more than ever. 

The purpose of the CSO is to introduce to the campus community an expansive, spiritual perspective on identity, purpose, and worth. It expands our mental view so that we can see the inherent limitations of material systems and the liberating freedom that comes with understanding more about spiritual reality.  Those involved in CSOs have the opportunity to deepen their own understanding of how to apply Christian Science to their own lives and to share healing and healing ideas with others.  

There are two different types of CSOs: forming and official. This classification is based on where they are in the process of getting started and recognized on their campus:

Official CSOs

To get an even better understanding of the requirements of a CSO, you’ll want to study the Manual of The Mother Church’s provision for this activity. These instructions are short and sweet and include two basic requirements: 

  1. The CSO must be formed and conducted by a student, professor, or faculty member who is a Mother Church member.

  2. The CSO needs to be officially recognized by the university or college.

The first is pretty straightforward. The second is dependent upon the requirements of each university. Check out the Getting Started section for more details. 

Forming CSOs

At least one student or faculty member (or more!) who is committed to Christian Science, and wants to see the healing action of Life, Truth, and Love present in their campus life experience. While they acknowledge that they still need to meet the requirements as they are outlined in the Church Manual, they want to get a head start and keep in touch with the CSO support team.

What’s the difference? Since forming CSOs are not yet recognized by the school, they have not yet fulfilled the requirements of the Church Manual and won’t be listed in the Christian Science Directory. Forming CSOs are only listed on time4thinkers.com to help students and faculty members connect with this budding activity on their campus.

TMC Youth provides both logistical and financial support to any CSO that needs it! We connect with Christian Science high school and university students to let them know about CSOs and the opportunity to be a part of them. We work closely with those who would like to start a CSO on their campus and help them through each step of the process, as each university has unique requirements. And we provide financial support for outreach activities such as lectures.

That said, let’s dig a little deeper into why CSOs are important and how we can benefit from them.

The CSO support team is happy to help. Feel free to contact us at: CSOsupport@csps.com (617) 450-3700.

Download the CSO Resource Guide