Power of a one-person CSO

Power of a one-person CSO

January 14, 2015

As a one person forming CSO at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, I’ve prayed about the purpose of my CSO, and I have come to see that CSOs are about living Love and showing others how to shut down the limits they feel they have.

The biggest way I have done this is my participation in my co-ed business fraternity. The people are absolutely amazing and I love supporting them through meaningful conversations, fun events, and road trips.

I am always open about my religious beliefs and encourage others to search for what puts them at peace and challenges them to be their true, best selves. Because I focus my energy on seeing the good in each individual and how I can best support him or her, I don’t feel any pressure from these individuals to drink.

At one point in my college career, someone shared with me the idea that if I’m partaking of a substance such as alcohol, I’m allowing something other than God to control my thought. I am constantly working on listening for direction from God, and the idea of not having clarity and being able minded bothered me. For this reason among others, I have not had trouble abstaining from alcohol as a college student. I’d love to hear from others about how they’re navigating these issues.

By Catherine Smith