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The latest

CSO's in action!

Find out what CSOs are doing these days and find out how you can get involved.


CSO 101 Webinar: What? Why? How?

The webinar includes an overview of what CSOs are, how they are formed, and examples of what activities occur in CSOs.


2016 Boston Summit replays

Summit keynote

Three members of the Christian Science Board of Directors kicked this summit off by sharing their thoughts on the summit’s theme.


Two lectures

Lectures by Tony Lobl and Lari Snorek-Yates explore sharing Christian Science and the healing power of being still and listening for God.


Practitioners for the world

This panel highlights The Christian Science Monitor and the Bible Lesson as resources to support us as practitioners for the world.


"Why Church?" workshop

In this workshop we explore, What is Christian Science to you? What is the purpose of church?  Why did MBE create a church structure? and more.


CSO Lecture series

New CSO in Montevideo, Uruguay

Five students from the Universidad de la República, who met at a Christian Science youth workshop in Montevideo, held their first event last month.


Women's history month lecture event

I was thrilled to be able to share Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy with my college community in honor of Women’s History Month.


Les fruits du conférence à CSO Lomé, Togo

Pour partager l’amour de Dieu avec le public universitaire, le CSO-UL organise des conférences au cours de chaque année.


CSO "On our Campus" series

Five-college interfaith panel with Q&A

Our CSO wanted to try something new this spring semester. We organized an interfaith panel on the topic of “Thoughts on Religion and Science.”


Spiritual solution to stress on campus

High stress levels among students prompted us to to hold a panel on how prayer and spirituality are relevant to relieving mental stress.


CSO achieves recognized status

Although our CSO has been active on campus for about 50 years, we had never been recognized by our Student Union.


Power of a one-person CSO

I have come to see that CSOs are about living Love and showing others how to shut down the limits they feel they have.


Prayer for campus: sexual assault

Forming a CSO has its challenges. Yet it has also brought growth in my faith, in my individuality, and as a Christian Scientist.


The importance of CSOs

Brazzaville CSO—Supporting fair and peaceful elections

Together, the CSO came to a goal: to sweep away the fear from the collective consciousness of their community.


Why CSO?

In this episode, we discuss the purpose and importance of CSOs and we hear about what CSOs around the world are doing.


Christ's transforming message of freedom

In this discussion, we explore the essence of Christ’s message and the transforming impact it can have in our lives and those of others.


The healing effect of a CSO

I am grateful for the growth and healing that has taken place through my involvement in two CSOs during my academic career.