Support for CSOs

The Mother Church is here to give CSOs the support they need.

Support for CSOs

If you’re interested in making Christian Science an active part of your college life experience, then forming a new CSO or joining one that is already established is a great way to go! Since this is a part of Mary Baker Eddy’s vision for her church, The Mother Church wants to give you the support you need. Take a fresh look at the By-Law for CSOs from the Church Manual and you’ll be impressed by how short and simple it is. These few words say a lot about the confidence she placed in the members of her Church. CSOs aren’t branch churches or Sunday Schools, but a separate activity of the overall church structure. Mrs. Eddy trusted the ability of CSO members to work out, through prayer, the most effective ways to “form and conduct” CSOs on their campuses. 

How does the CSO support team help? 

Spiritual Resources: 

The CSO support team is just a click away. Send us an email at with an update, and we’ll be sure to respond quickly as well as share a few examples of CSO-related healings and success stories. 

CSO Gatherings: 

Regional meetings are organized at the grassroots level. Many of these gatherings include both a public lecture for the campus as well as private discussions for the participants to talk about issues on their campuses. They are usually open to any Christian Science college student or professor, and even those newly interested in Christian Science. Here’s an example of a regional meeting from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. 

College Summits are events that TMC Youth sponsors every other year to build connections and community through lectures, group discussions, great music, and ample time to hang out with like-minded people, including Christian Science lecturers and practitioners. It is also an opportunity to learn how to apply Christian Science in all aspects of our lives. They are open to any university student, professor, recent graduate, or high school junior or senior. 

Networking Support: 

The Connecting Colleges Campaign (C3) is our effort at creating a database of Christian Scientists on campuses around the world, to make it easier for people to find and connect with each other. However, for this to work, we need you to register! 

Christian Science on campus directory – If there is a Christian Scientist listed on the directory that you’d like to get in touch with, please email us at

CSO Global Facebook group is another way to connect with Christian Scientists on campuses all over the world. 

Financial and Logistical Support 

Support for CSO activities and lectures on campus is also provided by the CSO support team. This includes grant money to buy needed supplies at your local Reading Room or to pay for lectures and travel expenses. Many CSOs also get support from their universities, local churches, and alumni. This can come in the form of financial support, idea sharing, and logistical support. 

If you need more support, you are welcome to contact us directly at or fill out our financial assistance form. We’re happy to provide information, share ideas and suggestions.

The CSO support team is happy to help. Feel free to contact us at: (617) 450-3700.

CSO Resource Guide