Outreach activities

CSO activities are as diverse as the people in them.

Outreach Activities

The CSO can and should respond to the needs of the campus. There are numerous ways to go about this. Here are a few of the most common approaches to reaching out: 


Information tables are a great way to build awareness about the CSO’s presence on campus and find people who want to learn more about these ideas. We recommend fall club fairs, but you can always host information tables in conjunction with other events such as Women’s History Month or health fairs. Make sure you get permission from your school, and consider offering copies of Science and Health, the periodicals, or the Christian Science Monitor. The CSO support team can help you get resources, email us at CSOsupport@csps.com.

Connecting with the campus community 

Much of a CSO’s work consists of personal interactions and conversations with friends, classmates, and colleagues. There are also ways for the CSO to become more involved in other campus activities as a way to have a more public presence on campus. This could include joining an interfaith forum or participating in a community service project. 

Inspirational Meetings 

Some inspirational meetings resemble testimony meetings while others are less structured, consisting of informal discussions and idea-sharing. Some CSOs have chosen a discussion topic each week and invited friends from other faith backgrounds to come and share how they’ve been praying about that issue, too. There is no specific rule about the structure or format of these meetings, so let inspiration dictate what’s needed. In order to remain accessible to the entire university community, we recommend having them on campus, in a public location. However they’re structured, think about how they can be welcoming to fellow students and professors who might choose to attend. 

Other CSO Activities from the past few years: 

  • Hosting an interfaith discussion based on a general topic such as “How do you pray?” or “How can we address depression?” 
  • Writing articles on Christian Science for the school newspaper 
  • Being interviewed about what life is like for a Christian Scientist 
  • Holding a film screening of a movie with a spiritual focus 
  • Providing the university library with subscriptions to The Christian Science Monitor and other periodicals from the Christian Science Publishing Society 
  • Organizing a podcast listening party or playing the Radical Acts game 
  • Making full use of this Manual Bylaw and bringing a Christian Science lecturer to speak on campus! 

The CSO support team is happy to help. Feel free to contact us at: CSOsupport@csps.com (617) 450-3700.

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